Custom Men Shirts

We value quality and perfection because we know that individuality is highly valued by men. Your size, posture, figure, and the shape of your body all change the way a shirt fits. This is why we have prepared a comprehensive guide to help you take the perfect measurements for your bespoke Rockabilly Bowling Shirts.
We know that taking measurements can be a challenge, so we have worked hard to make it as easy and quickly as possible for you.

Rockabilly Bowling Shirts

What you will need:

• A fabric measuring tape (fabric only).
• Assistance from a friend
• A well fitting shirt that suits you the best

When taking measurements:

• Keep the measuring tape comfortably snug, but not tight.
• All measurements should be made to nearest inch / centimeter


Measure your best fitting shirt

Please note that the shirt should be laid flat on a table or put on a smooth surface for proper measurement in order to get a valid result.


The collar measurement should
be taken first from the middle of the
button hole then you continue towards  the center of the
collar button, but it is crucial that the collar is
spread flat.


First, button the shirt and lay it flat.
Then measure from one edge to another
just below the armpit.


Measure the distance between the
sleeves from one edge of the
shoulder to the other, across the

*Do not measure directly at
the yoke seam


Measure at the back from the
base of the collar seam at the
middle to a point where the shirt


Place the shirt on a large flat
surface, so the front of the shirt
faces you. Put the measuring
tape at the top of the armhole
seam and then follow it along its edge
to the very point where the armhole
meets the sleeve seam.

(Note:this is a curved measurement, so
please measure carefully.)
**Half armhole is always bigger than half bicep.
Normally, half armhole is at least 6cm bigger
than half bicep.**


Place the shirt on a flat surface using the measuring tape at the
tip of the shoulder down to where
you want the sleeve to end.


Place the shirt on a flat surface and
measure the preferred opening
width end of the sleeve carefully.
(This differs  from your half
bicep width.)


** Our tolerance of production (cutting commitment) is based on international standards.
Collar : (+/-) 0.5 cm total circumference
Shoulder length/Yoke : (+/-) 0.6 cm Total length
Chest size : (+/-) 2.0cm Total circumference
Waist size : (+/-) 2.0 cm Total circumference
Hip size : (+/-) 2.0 cm Total circumference
Sleeve length : (+/-) 1.0 cm Total length
These allowances generally apply to all garment types: shirts, pants for men and shirts, blouses, pants, shorts, skirts and dresses for women.

We can make a shirt based on your personal preferences for design.