How to buy a Shirt

Getting the Right Fit

Getting the right fit is important when buying a Bowling shirt because Bowlers need to move freely. The most accurate way to make sure that a Bowling shirt will fit is to take the wearer¨s measurements and then use them as a guide to pick the correct size.


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Take Accurate Measurements

To take accurate measurements, use a cloth tape measure which can conform to the contours of the body, and a pen and paper to write down the results. The easiest way is  to take body measurements with the help of another person, but if the only option is self-measuring, be sure to use a mirror to see that the tape stays level when it is wrapped around the waist, hips, and chest.

How to buy a Shirt


You also need to measure the girth around your neck which will enable you to get a shirt with appropriate buttons which will not cause any difficulties while doing or undoing them. The girth around the neck can vary drastically from person to person.


Measure the circumference of the chest around its widest part, taking the tape under the arms as it is wrapped around the chest. When measuring, do not pull the tape in too much; simply allow the tape to lay flat against the body to get accurate results.


The desired length of a bowling shirt is a personal preference. To measure the length, hold the beginning of the tape, measure against the shoulder where the shoulder seam would lay and allow it to fall downward. Estimate what length would be comfortable and read the measurement that would match that length.

Shirt sizes in centimeters

Size Neck Chest Length
XS 36-37 106 68
S 38-39 110 70
M 39-40 114 70
L 41-42 118 74
XL 43-44 124 78
XXL 45-46 128 79
3XL 47-48 132 81
4XL 49-50 136 82
5XL 51-52 140 82
6XL 53-54 144 83
7XL 54-55 148 84
8XL 56-57 152 84


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